CSBG Notice
Northern California Indian Development Council contracts with the State Department of Community Services and Development to provide Community Service Block Grant—American Indian Set Aside (CSBG) Program services to the Indian people of the State who are within the contracted service area. The CSBG service area currently includes 57 counties and 102 reservations and rancherias in California.
Employment Skills and Training through WIOA
The Northern California Indian Development Council, Inc has the ability and programs to assist Native American individuals in reaching your employment goals. WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) is designed to provide quality employment and training services to assist eligible individuals in finding and qualifying for meaningful employment, and to help employers find the skilled workers they need to compete and succeed in business. Fill out online application.
Intake Form for Services
In order to receive services, we need you to complete this intake form for our records. You will need to have information about you and your household's income as well as documentation (such as a paycheck stub, last years tax return, benefit statement, etc. in addition to your ID) on hand and it may take 10-15 minutes to complete.