Request for Qualifications—Tribal Emergency Response Plan Assistance Program

Tribal Emergency Response Plan Assistance Program

Posted November 17, 2021
Responses Due by COB: December 10, 2021

NCIDC is seeking consultants for the Tribal Emergency Response Plan Assistance Program.
Please refer to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) here for more information.

The program is seeking to engage the services of a consultant to assist 2 Tribes with developing pilot emergency response plans so they can be better prepared for future disasters and other emergencies. These two pilot plans and other feedback will be used to create a template for California Tribes to use to create emergency response plans. Additionally, the project consultant will provide technical assistance one-on-one with an additional 3–7 Tribes to tailor the template to their needs. The project consultant will collect feedback from the 3–7 Tribes and utilize their recommendations as well as any lessons learned in the technical assistance process to refine the template to create a final draft for use by Tribes across California. The emergency response plan template will be made available to the public on NCIDC's website and by request.

Click here to download the RFQ.



FAQ for the Tribal Emergency Response Planning Project’s Request for Qualifications

Question 1: Have the two Tribes been identified? Can these two Tribes be named for the proposing consultants?
Answer: One of the Tribes has been identified, and is Mooretown Rancheria. The other Tribe will be identified through NCIDC’s network during the duration of the project.

Question 2: Do either of the pilot Tribes have an existing emergency response plan? Has either Tribe previously had an emergency response plan?
Answer: Tribal partners of this program do not have comprehensive and current emergency response plans, although some previously existing emergency response planning may be avaliable.  The pilot Tribes may have varying levels of disaster preparedness infrastructure.

Question 3: Have the additional three to seven Tribes been identified? Is there a list of Tribes that will be provided to the project consultant?
Answer: Other than Mooretown Rancheria, Tribal partners will be identified during the duration of the project.  The Tribes will be selected out of NCIDC’s statewide network.  NCIDC staff will coordinate with selected consultant to identify these Tribes.

Question 4: Is it acceptable to provide more than one identified consultant and their current resume in our response?
Answer: Yes, please include resumes for all potential consultants that will work on this project.

Question 5: Does the NCIDC have an estimated budget prepared for this project? Can the proposed budget be shared with proposing consulting firms?
Answer: The budget for the consulting portion of this project is $70,000.  This budget will cover the duration of the project, 11/1/2021-04/30/2023.  The funds will cover all work secured under this RFQ including travel and material costs.

Question 6: Is this project grant funded?
Answer: Yes, this project is grant funded.

Question 7: Is there a page limit for the proposal?
Answer: There is no page limit for RFQ submissions.

Question 8: Does this opportunity require any type of state or tribal licensure (business license, etc.)?
Answer: This opportunity does not require a state or Tribal Licensure.

Question 9: Must prospective bidders possess American Indian preference in order to be awarded this contract opportunity? (either possess directly and/or through a sub-contractor)?
Answer: This award is open to all bidders.  American Indian preference will be given to Tribal organizations or individual consultants who are able to demonstrate American Indian preference.

Question 10: Do you have an established budget range for this project? If yes, can you share it?
Answer: Please see question 5.

Question 11: What type of funding is being utilized for this contract opportunity? Specifically, does it include federal grant funding?
Answer: The funding for this project does not include federal grant monies.

Question 12: Do the pilot tribes and/or Northern California Indian Development Council  have an existing Emergency Operations Plan (even if it is not operational)? If yes, was it self-prepared, or was it prepared by a consultant?
Answer: Please see question 2.

Question 13: Do NCIDC or the pilot tribes currently work with a FEMA liaison or representative on emergency response planning?
Answer: No, NCIDC is not currently working with a FEMA liaison.

Question 14: Do NCIDC or the pilot tribes currently work with a California Office of Emergency Assistance liaison or representative on emergency response planning?
Answer: No, NCIDC is not currently working with a California Office of Emergency Assistance liaison or representative.