Native American Curriculum for K–12 Educators

Native American Curriculum for K–12 Educators


Humboldt State University ITEPP Teaching Resources: click here

Wiyot Tribal Chair Ted Hernandez discusses
Wiyot, Arcata, Humboldt Bay and Tuluwat History
: click here

Yurok/Hupa/Karuk Women’s Coming of Age Ceremony
Flower Dance Sticks Explanation
: click here

Yurok Sumeg Village Language Interpretation (Patrick’s Point): click here

Birchbark Books, Indigenous books for all ages: click here

Inside California Education: Saving the Yurok Language: click here

Local Tribal Curriculum K–12 for Purchase: click here

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Instruction for Native American Students: click here

Guarding Ancestral Land—Wiyot and Wind: click here

Webinars and Curriculum for K-12 Educators: click here

National Museum of the American Indian's
Native Knowledge 360 initiative:
click here

Traditional Ecological Knowledge for K–12 Classrooms: click here

California Native History: click here

Local Northern California Traditional Ecological Knowledge: click here

Wiyot Language Place Names: click here