Request for COVID IEP Meeting for Continiuing Service—Sample Parent Letter

Request for COVID-19 Distance Learning Plan IEP Meeting

This is a sample letter to send to the District to specifically request an IEP meeting to discuss continued IEP services.


Date Delivered:

Deliverd via:     ___Email (preferred)       ___Fax         ___Registered/Certified Mail

Directions: Type in or print requested information, sign and deliver. If you use email, be sure to ask the recipient to confirm the receipt. You may want to turn on “read receipts” in your email settings. You may also call and confirm that this was received or send a follow-up email if you get no response confirming receipt. Keep a record of what you do.


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Dear Director of Special Education:

My child has an IEP that entitles them to services and supports under the IDEA. I am writing to request an IEP meeting be held for my child as soon as possible and no later than the 30 calendar day timeline required under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss how your district plans to provide special education services and supports to my child during the district’s closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak. These services and supports may be provided through alternative or additional methods such as distance learning, virtual instruction, instructional telephone calls, and other curriculum-based instructional activities.

Because of the high risk that children with disabilities not provided with their full IEP services during the outbreak will experience regression, it is essential that your district provide services to my child through reasonable means. The federal Department of Education has made clear that during the COVID-19 pandemic, children with disabilities should continue to receive their IEP services to the greatest extent possible. U.S. Department of Education, Questions And Answers On Providing Services To Children With Disabilities During The Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak (March 2020), page 2; 34 C.F.R. §§ 300.101, 300.201. In California, SB 117 has impacted some timelines but not those related to parent-requested IEP meetings.

Thank you for your prompt action regarding this request. I know these are challenging times, and appreciate your assistance. I look forward to meeting with the IEP team as soon as possible so that we can move forward in providing my child with the individualized education plan appropriate to my child’s unique needs to the extent possible at this time.


  • _____I will be recording this meeting, and this serves as the required 24 hour notice.
  • _____I will be inviting the following individuals outside the school district team as they can provide important information about my child’s current functioning and needs:

Name:                                                                                           Contact Information

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