Theresa Jorgensen
Posted 2/26/2021

I enjoyed the map and the reading I did. My grandfather was indian from the Eureka California area. I am trying to figure out which tribe he may have belonged to and how to find out the genealogy. I believe that his grandfather was Weaver Denman and that he lived with him as a child as I found census records indicating this. If anyone knows how to go about finding information out, I would greatly appreciate the help. My grandmother grew up in Eureka as well. Also, does anyone know of an Eel River Rancheria? That was also mentioned in a census.

Paul Zari
Posted 12/4/2020
Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw #11291 is my great grandmothers number
Referred by: Just Surfed In

I just wanted to get my name out there to let others know that I am part Indian from my Mothers side. My Great Grandmother is full Choctaw Indian from Oklahoma.

Jan Wann
Posted 12/4/2020
Organization or Business name: None
Tribal Affiliation: None
Referred by: Saw event on facebook

I am a retired educator and have interest in indigenous education, curriculum, and services.

Susan Henderson
Posted 10/29/2020
Organization or Business name: DREDF
Referred by: Friend

Excited that you have an online store now!

Gael Stallings
Posted 9/17/2020
Organization or Business name: Indian Education Hoopa Elementary School
Tribal Affiliation: Yurok

Hi! I'm trying to reach Rain to RSVP for the Zoom link to the Historical Trauma presentation.

Robert Davis
Posted 8/24/2020
Tribal Affiliation: Tlinget and Haida
Referred by: Just Surfed In

Hi to all and high hopes of you all are safe and healthy.

Cicely Henson
Posted 8/11/2020
Organization or Business name: Monterey County

Is there a way to post jobs on your website. Monterey County is currently recruiting for a Senior Account Clerk.

Forest James
Posted 4/16/2020
Organization or Business name: EnerTribe, Inc.
Tribal Affiliation: Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation
Referred by: Friend

Dv'laa Haa~ (hello), we look forward to learning more about NCIDC and the services that are provided to our indigenous communities. As a native & woman-owned firm, we support tribes and first nations throughout North America. Please reach out if you ever need support! :)

Alex Givens
Posted 3/14/2020
Referred by: Just Surfed In

Changing my AmazonSmile charity to you guys. Thank you for everything you do!

Theresa Rickard-Tibbett
Posted 12/18/2019
Organization or Business name: Toyon Wintu Center
Tribal Affiliation: Wintu Tribe of Northern California
Referred by: Facebook


Is there a way to sign up to receive updates and job announcements from NCIDC?

Thank you!

Mahala Carter
Posted 11/27/2019
Referred by: Just Surfed In


I live in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains, and have often wondered who lived here before me, before white settlers and before the United States designated this land as its own. Your pre-contact tribal territories map was my first view of any information about who lived here -- the Costanoans. I was not prepare for such immense feelings of gratitude, and also grief that so little recognition and respect is given to the ancestors and people whose land this should be.

Thank you for offering such a map. I see now there is a wealth of other information available here, as well. I am delighted to become better acquainted with the Northern Califrnia Indian Development Couoncil.


Lorna McLeod
Posted 10/30/2019
Organization or Business name: Make Peace with Money Coaching & Programs
Tribal Affiliation: Swinomish

I would like to know more about NCIDC. Not to receive services, but to discover if I might be of service, and if so, how I might serve.

Posted 10/19/2019
Organization or Business name: Freshwater Elementary
Referred by: Just Surfed In

I am a first year teacher, looking to expand my knowledge about the past of our home. I am hoping to present authentic perspectives of the history of Northern California. I’d love to connect with NCIDC to connect with any persons who would be willing to share stories and educate the youth in our community.

Petra GonzalezWilson
Posted 8/8/2019
Organization or Business name: NJOMA Board of Directors, Region 7 Representative
Tribal Affiliation: Oglala Sioux Tribe

Hello. I am looking to outreach to any JOM programs in the State of California and to find all contacts to Tribal Education Agencies in California. Please send any information that may help me to Pilamaye!

Claudia Brugman
Posted 8/1/2019
Referred by: Just Surfed In

Thank you especially for the workshop on education advocacy for children. So many economically disadvantaged children need this support.

Isabel Vera
Posted 4/3/2019
Organization or Business name: 1953
Referred by: SER-Jobs For Progress

I'm looking into different programs for my participants.

Posted 3/27/2019
Organization or Business name: Del Norte Unified School District
Lori Ann Rodriguez
Posted 1/12/2019
Tribal Affiliation: La Jolla Band of Luseno Indians
Referred by: Friend

Interested in working with your crew !!

Elizabeth Amburn
Posted 12/5/2018
Referred by: Work force Center
Mona-Lisa Ortega
Posted 8/4/2018
Tribal Affiliation: La Jolla (daughter)