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“Let us put our minds together and see what life we will make for our children.”
~Sitting Bull~

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Approximately 100 local families receive direct services from the Del Norte Indian Education Program. The program has developed a network of services that focuses on the needs of families and children to encourage both scholastic and personal attainment. These services are center-based and fulfill the need to have a central location designed to provide access to educational services, academic resources, and social service referrals. Advocacy is provided to families for meetings with school officials or for other related needs. In addition, the Indian Education Program provides a suitable meeting and conference room for students, parents and the community. Students are served as a cooperative effort between local Tribes, the School District, and the Johnson O'Malley and Title IX Indian Education Programs.

Mission Statement for the
California State Department Of Education American Indian Education Office:

"The Mission of the American Indian Education Office is to lead, serve and motivate educational agencies of California to provide high quality and efficient educational programs which allow American Indian students to develop to the highest degree possible in the language, academic, and social skills necessary to participate fully in all aspects of life without compromising their unique cultural heritage."

Scholarships for Native American Students

DNIEC Goals:

  • Improve academic achievement of Native American students with an emphasis on reading, language arts, and mathematics.
    Improve self concept of American Indian students.
  • Establish and maintain liaison relationships between parents schools and communities.
  • Provide educational, training and leadership opportunities for parents.
  • Serve as a resource center for the community.
  • Provide school district with support for staff training and curriculum development.

DNIEC Services:

  • Academic and other appropriate assistance for students, parents, school staff and community members
  • Access to computers
  • Career and Academic counseling
  • Cultural Classes
  • Resource Library
  • Advocacy services
  • Social Service referrals
  • Community Center for workshops and meetings
  • Assist with GED and Adult Vocational Training as needed
  • Liaison between Native community and public schools

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Scholarships for Native American Students

For More Information Contact:
Indian Education Program
888 4th Street
Crescent City, CA 95531
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