Report Violations Of Laws And Regulations Relating To LIHEAP

LIHEAP Criminal Activity:stop fraud logo such as: Bribery, Theft, Fraud, Mismanagement or Waste of Funds, LIHEAP Employee Misconduct, or LIHEAP Conflict of Interest

Confidentiality Information

The complainant may remain confidential (i.e., known only to NCIDC) or you can allow your name to be used (i.e., included in any investigation that may take place). The reason we require a name and some contact information as it allows further communication between NCIDC and the complainant after the original allegation is received.

Call:  (800) 446-3426 for our confidential message service. Please leave your name and a phone number or an e-mail address and the nature of the complaint. Leave as much detail as possible. Someone will get back to you within 3 business days

or call: (800) 566-2381 to speak directly to a staff member about your concern

or Write a Letter Addressed to:

241 F Street
Eureka, CA 95501

attn: Fraud Alert – Confidential

or fax a letter to:

(707) 445-8479

or send an email to:

Please include your contact information in your letter (Name and either a phone number or e-mail address)

To obtain a copy of a "fraud reporting form" please click here.



Thank you for your assistance. We are committed to assuring that LIHEAP funds are used for the purpose they are intended. Your help to prevent fraud or the misuse of funds is appreciated.