Ben Winker
Posted 1/7/2015
Organization or Business name: Redwood Coast Energy Authority
Tribal Affiliation: My grandfather claims Apache, but unsure at this time
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Very excited by the renovation of the Carson Block building and the restoration of the Ingomar theatre

christine rose
Posted 9/27/2014
Organization or Business name: Indian Country Today
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Please subscribe me to your newsletter, particularly referencing education.

Thank you!

Dwane Brissette
Posted 8/19/2014
Tribal Affiliation: Yurok tribe
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sandra parks
Posted 8/5/2014

I have a full blooded great grandmother who was Cherokee. I also have a full blood great grandparent who was full blooded chawktaw. Me & my father searched for years to find the records to no avail. There was a fire and my great grandmother rule numbers were burned in a fire. For years we've tried. However, we gave up in the late 1990s however my father has been very sick for years and I know we both have enough native American blogs too qualify for various benefits. PLEASE CAN YOU GIVE ME GUIDANCE HOW TO DO S Thank you, Sandra Parks~Vanek. My cell is **REDACTED**



Webmaster Response:  The Bureau of Indian Affairs published a guide on this topic:

Michael J. Beeler
Posted 7/28/2014
Organization or Business name: Creative Resourcing
Tribal Affiliation: Consultant to the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana

I am currently in law school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I provide consulting services to tribes who need support with organizational development, fundraising and the review and writing of legal codes. I am a native of CA and plan to return to Eureka in 2016.

Posted 7/14/2014
Tribal Affiliation: northfork Mono rancheria
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Jose Garcia
Posted 7/9/2014
Organization or Business name: United Indian Nations, Inc.
Tribal Affiliation: Tohono O' odham
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Gabrielle Wilson
Posted 6/19/2014
Tribal Affiliation: Creek - Cherokee
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I would like to know about job opportunites ; I have a J.D. and would like to use my legal background to advocate for native youth in the areas of education and wrap around social services.

Thanks in advance.


Joel Moore
Posted 6/2/2014
Organization or Business name: Strategies Consulting
Tribal Affiliation: Through marriage: Swinomish and Cherokee
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Nice website.
Could not find a "Staff" category on the first page. Might be helpful for those looking for a specific individual ... or ... name of a department manager. I may have just missed it as i was looking at the website.
My best \

Kahlil Crawford
Posted 4/21/2014
Organization or Business name: Silver Leaf
Tribal Affiliation: Metis of Illinois
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"Mitakuye Oyasin" (All My Relations).

Buffy White Jimenez
Posted 2/21/2014
Organization or Business name: Robinson Rancheria
Tribal Affiliation: Pomo
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The new website looks great, keep up the good work.

Posted 1/31/2014
Tribal Affiliation: Maya, Pima, Cherokee
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Posted 1/28/2014
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I send you all good wishes from West germany . I found your Page in my Town in Google.

Posted 1/2/2014
Tribal Affiliation: Tigua
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Geneva Olivares. Thompson
Posted 1/9/2013
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Linda L Peterson
Posted 1/9/2013
Organization or Business name: Tule River Education Department
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Nice website, very informative. I can't wait to shop!

Nieca Wright
Posted 1/9/2013
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George wilder
Posted 1/9/2013
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Looks good guys

michael moody
Posted 1/9/2013
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great oganization

canada goose
Posted 1/9/2013
Organization or Business name: canada goose
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