All Children Can Learn: Education Advocacy for Children with Disabilities_Session 1

Join the Yurok Tribal Education Department, Hoopa Tribal Education Department, True North Organizing Network, NCIDC, The Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF), Building Healthy Communities, and the ACLU of Northern California

All Children Can Learn: Education Advocacy for Children with Disabilities

  • The rights of children with disabilities, suspected disability, and their families and communities
  • Understand how evaluation and eligibility work and the services, supports, and accommodations available to students with disabilities
  • Overview of Laws that Protect Children with Disabilities in Education Settings (Privacy, Equal Access and Anti-discrimination, Special Education)
  • How parents, caretakers, teachers and others can advocate for childrens’ rights and participate effectively in the process

Tuesday, August 13 5:30–8 pm
CR-KTIS Student Commons, 21 Orchard St., Hoopa, CA 95546*

* Family-friendly
*** Family-friendly, Childcare will be provided

Meals are provided at all trainings.

Please let us know if you need accommodations.
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